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Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance


A term life insurance policy, underwritten by VOYA, is provided by the District at no cost to all benefit-eligible employees. Classified, Teamsters and Certificated employees receive $30,000 of coverage. The life insurance benefit for Management staff is $50,000.


Part-time classified employees, who have been employed by the District for 5 years or more are eligible for a $15,000 life insurance policy.  These benefits are doubled when the employee's death is the result of an accident.


VOYA's policy also pays a benefit for the loss of a limb, eye, or other body parts. The amount of the benefit varies based on the loss.


All benefit-eligible new hires are provided a beneficiary designation form, which is kept on file in the District Insurance office. To ensure benefits from this policy are distributed appropriately, it is important for employees to remember to update the beneficiary card whenever there is a change such as a marriage, divorce, etc.


Benefit-eligible employees may purchase supplemental life insurance. Rates for this coverage of up to $500,000 is based on age and tobacco product use. Additional information about this life insurance policy is available from the District Insurance Office or you can view the Brochures below:

VOYA Group Term Life Insurance Brochure - CSEA/CUEA/Teamsters

VOYA Group Term Life Insurance Brochure - CUMA

VOYA Enrollment Form