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Retiree FAQ

Thinking of retiring? Here are some of the most common Insurance questions and answers.

Q. How do I know if I qualify for retirement insurance?

A. You must be enrolled in health benefits at the time of retirement and have a minimum of 10 consecutive service years with CUSD.  For CUEA members you must be a minimum of 55 years old and for CSEA members a minimum of age 50; CSEA members pay the full premium until age 53. 


Q. If I complete my contracted school year when does my insurance end?

A. Your coverage as an Active employee would end September 30.


Q. If I retire during the school year when does my insurance end?

A. At the end of the month you retire.  


Q. How much would my monthly premium be?

A. Rates are prorated starting with 10 consecutive service years with CUSD.  Once you have completed 20 consecutive service years with CUSD your medical will be at no monthly cost once you retire.  Click here to see the current year retiree rates.  Payments would be made directly to CUSD. 


Q. Can I keep my dependents on my plan?

A. Yes, you can cover any qualified dependents on medical but only a spouse under your dental plan.  Dependents would be at the full district cost. 


Q. Can I keep my dental coverage?

A. Yes, dental coverage is available for the retiree and their spouse at the full district cost. Dental coverage is not available to dependent children.  Dental is a one-time offer, if you do not elect to keep it at time of retirement you cannot enroll at a later time.  Click here to see the current year rates.


Q. Can I keep my vision coverage?

A. No, vision is not offered to retirees.


Q. Can I change my plans when I retire?

A. Not at the time of retirement. You retire with what medical/dental plan(s) you are currently enrolled in. 


Q. Do I still get to participate in Open Enrollment?

A. Yes, you will receive paperwork in the mail annually notifying you of the Open Enrollment period.


Q. When does my District Insurance coverage end?

A. Your coverage will end when you become Medicare eligible at the age of 65.  Certificated employees have the option to stay on medical coverage past Medicare eligibility but at the AB528 rates.  Certificated employees also have the option to keep dental past Medicare eligibility.